Union Kroger Grand Opening

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Nov 02, 2016
Pickering Firm

A note from Brad Schmiedicke (AIA, LEED AP), Associate principal, Architect, and Project Manager for Union Kroger...

Pickering is happy to see the project so warmly received by the neighbors, and want to thank Kroger for investing so substantially in Midtown. From the beginning of design, their direction was simply to build a unique store the community would be proud to call their own. 

We also hope that it serves as a practical template for urban development as Memphis’ urban core experiences this fantastic resurgence. The features that work here are tried and true, have worked in innumerable other projects, and will certainly work elsewhere in Memphis. For example, wide pedestrian sidewalks are protected from traffic and activate the exterior space. Plenty of glass, especially at the corners, allows views deep into the facility, and connects occupants to the activity around them. Views of significant local features, like Idlewild Church, provide a feeling of place that is unique.  

We would like to thank Ritchie Smith Associates for the superb landscape design, and we are looking forward to colder weather so those trees can be planted!

Linkous Construction and their subcontractors have worked diligently, and delivered an extremely complex project. They have been outstanding partners in this endeavor. 

Finally, we would like to recognize the team of architects and engineers & designers. Nice work, everyone!  

  • Architecture by Pickering: Tom McConnell AIA, Brad Schmiedicke AIA, Kevin Getman Assoc. AIA, Bill Gallagher Assoc. AIA, Bernard Irving, Katherine Nelson Assoc. AIA
  • Landscape Architecture by Ritchie Smith Associates: Ritchie Smith ASLA, Andy Hays ASLA, Andrew Grey Assoc ASLA
  • Structural Engineering by Pickering: Yousef Saleh PE, Sarah Mercer EIT
  • Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering by Pickering: Mike Bilderbeck FASHRAE, Chris Patterson PE, Betty K. Ward PE, Rod Mitchell
  • Electrical and Fire Alarm Engineering by Pickering: Ron Fuller PE, Bill Selkirk PE, Curt Swanson
  • Civil Engineering by Pickering: Cara Martin PE, Marvin Brown PE
  • Survey by Pickering: Bill Woods RLS- Survey Mgr.; Office: Phillip Bobo- Sr. Survey Tech, Cooper Cannon- Project Surveyor; Field: Tommy Archer- Sr. Party Chief, Dale Partain- Sr. Party Chief, Mike Waren- Jr. Party Chief, Ryan Archer- Field Survey Tech, Austin Woods- Field Survey Tech, Jeff Sanders- Field Survey Tech, Tom Nichols- Field Survey Tech

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