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We're Moving!
Jun 17, 2020

We are excited about our headquarters’ upcoming move to 6363 Poplar Avenue, Suite 300, Memphis, Tennessee 38119. By July 1, Pickering’s Memphis staff will be working in the new office space.

Designed by our own creative staff, we are eager to continue providing Service and Good Work from our new location.

Kevin Getman, an architect on Pickering’s Facilities team, shares his thoughts about working on this special project. 

How did our philosophy of Service and Good Work inspire decisions for our new space?

Our company philosophy of Service and Good Work stays in mind for all our projects. We demonstrate this by providing a design that includes all the programming needs, sticking to our budget and providing a high-end work environment for the user.

What is different about designing and planning a space that you will be working in versus other projects you have worked on?

There’s a great responsibility in designing your own office space. It certainly adds another level of pressure. We wanted to make sure we got this right because this is the new home for our company headquarters. If everyone loves it, great… if not, oh no!

What would you consider a success on this project?

One of the successes on the project is that we didn’t blow the budget on high end materials. We used good materials with well thought-out details which really raised the quality of the space.

What are you, personally, most excited about seeing come together in the new office?

I am excited to see how people react to their new workstations. The building has a long and narrow footprint which gives an opportunity for natural light to reach many workstations. Glass is used in the workspace partitions so that more light will reach desks. That, along with a unique ceiling and lighting system, will make for a stimulating and open work environment.


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