75 Acts Celebration Continues with Team May

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Jun 09, 2021
Pickering Firm

In honor of our 75th Anniversary as a company, members of the Pickering Transportation Groups in both our Flowood and Memphis offices, as well as our Mississippi Water Resources Group, spent the month of May serving up acts of kindness and kind deeds throughout their respective cities.

Members of Team May made sure not to neglect the smaller acts of kindness, too, by incorporating acts of service and good work in their everyday lives at work and at home. At work, members shared recipes throughout their department, tidied up their workspaces, treated each other to lunches and brought in donuts as a morning treat. For their friends, family and others outside of work, Team May participants paid for others meals at restaurants, let others skip in line at the grocery, sent out flowers and care packages to loved ones, and served as mentors to those in need. They proved that these little acts of kindness add up to something more impactful!

For the community, the Memphis Transportation members of Team May delivered a basket full of donated items to the Community Alliance Foundation for the Homeless. They also took the time to hand-make flower bouquets to place on neglected grave sites at Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Our Flowood group spent an afternoon picking up trash on Airport Road close to their office.

They were also able to provide and serve lunch to first responders at the City of Pearl, Mississippi.

Though divided by state lines, Team May coordinated to check off as many items off of their collective “bucket list” as they could, completing nearly 71 out of the 75 tasks named.

Excellent job to all of those involved!

2021 is Pickering's 75th year as a company. In order to celebrate, Pickering is holding an inter-office contest called 75 Acts of Service & Good Work. This contest divides the entire company into 6 teams, with each team getting 1 month to try and accomplish as many acts of Service & Good Work as possible from a pre-determined list of 75 Acts. At the end of the 6-month campaign, whichever team has the most points wins. This contest provides a wonderful opportunity to work together to promote an important aspect of our culture!


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