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This 40,118 square-foot retail grocery building in Englewood, Colorado anchors a new shopping center and is Pickering’s first two-story urban grocery concept store project. The unique two-and-a-half story glass façade features a highly-specialized system of glazing and composite aluminum panels attached to a steel frame designed to resist wind loads and extreme temperature variations. A highly-technical undulating design of the flashing and masonry along all facades detailing will ensure long term moisture resistance and durability.

To meet the city’s height restrictions, the building was dug into the side of a hill, necessitating an extremely intricate drainage and foundation waterproofing system around the footings and foundation walls of the building. Passenger and high-capacity freight elevators large enough to carry forklifts and materials had to fit into a very condensed building footprint in order to service this two-story layout. This required very intricate structural and waterproofing details as well as coordination of underground utilities.

The project was designed to be energy efficient and comply with the local sustainable design codes for the city and for the state of Colorado. Green features include energy-efficient lighting and refrigeration equipment, extra wall and roof insulation. The project received energy incentives from the utility company for obtaining energy efficiency goals (Xcel Energy) and the project has since attained EPA - Energy Star status.

Pickering worked with freezer/cooler companies and a national resinous flooring manufacturer to develop construction details that have since become a national standard for all King Soopers/Kroger/Dillons grocery stores in the United States.


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